The Spiciest Foods in Mansfield

This is an archived post and some details may have changed, be sure to double check the locations' current address and open status.

This summer we're putting our tastebuds to the test with the spiciest foods in the city. Hit the trail with us and try them yourselves. Blog will be updated as new episodes are added.

1. Blue Mint Thai (1211 E. Debbie Ln.)

2. Del Toro BBQ (109 S. Main St.)

3. Hideout Burgers (2751 E. Broad St.)

4. Main St. Tacos (137 N. Main St.)

5. Sushi Gio (701 E. Debbie Ln.)

6. Steven's Garden & Grill (223 Depot St.)

7. Habaneros: The Taco Revolution (640 W. Debbie Ln.)

8. No Frills Grill & Sports Bar (2851 Matlock Rd.)

9. El Chato (1831 E. Broad St.)