Top 5 Haunted Locations in Mansfield, TX

Mansfield, Texas hit the Paranormal Map this spring with the premiere of the Ghost Adventures: House Calls episode "Mansfield Meltdown". The episode left folks chilled and with plenty of questions. The home in question, however, is just one of the many paranormal hot spots across the city.

Here are the Top 5 Haunted Spots in Mansfield, some of which you can go visit right now.

andimac haunted

Now Mansfield’s favorite candy shop, this storefront was the home of the old Mansfield News Mirror newspaper offices for decades and the ghost stories date back just as long. Footsteps walking across the creaky floor when no one is upstairs, objects moving on their own and that pervasive feeling that you aren’t alone have all been reported.

Perhaps it’s the spirit of Mrs. Peck. A regular patron of Main Street shops in her life, she was brutally slain by her husband in a shocking murder/suicide and now it’s said she still visits her favorite shops.

You can learn more about this spot by watching our original paranormal documentary “The Ghost of Mrs. Peck” or just visit the shop yourself, grab a candy bar and listen real close to see if you can hear something that isn’t there.

 wright house haunted

Once a beautiful three story mansion, this historic home tragically suffered a major fire in 1969, destroying a great deal of the structure. When firefighters arrived at the scene to extinguish the blaze they witnessed a woman in the attic window, screaming for help. Despite their best efforts they weren't able to reach her. However, a body was never recovered. No one from the family was home during the fire. There had been no one there.

The Screaming Woman is just one of four spirits said to haunt the home, with ghost stories dating back decades, well before most of the home was lost. They include a woman named Bessie, an old German woman and Mr. Wright himself.

Nowadays the old home is the Law Offices of Leasor Crass. You can watch our award winning paranormal documentary “The Spirits of Wright House” here.

 mansfield fire station 1

A giggling boy, a shadowy figure and cabinets that open on their own have made the firefighters at Fire Station 1 scratch their heads about who else is hanging around. The station was only opened in 1998, so it doesn’t have a long history filled with paranormal activity.

Some theories are that these are the spirits of those attached to the ambulances where they took their last rides or perhaps the ghosts of Harry Blissard and S.C. Copeland, the two volunteer Mansfield firemen who tragically lost their lives in the 1968 Red Ball Gas Explosion.

Whatever the reason, the encounters have made this a unique stop on the Mansfield ghost experience, even drawing the attention of a CBS 11 news crew a few years ago.

 man house haunted

The original homestead of Ralph Man, one of Mansfield’s two founders, is now a perfectly preserved museum taking visitors back to the late 19th century in Texas. The antiques aren’t the only things that are more than a century old in this home, however. The ghosts of the Man Family never left. The spirits of Ralph, along with both his first and second wives, Julia and Sarah Jane, are said to still dwell in their old home.

The most famous paranormal encounter involved a city grounds worker who was clearing out the flower garden outside the home. He looked up from his work and was horrified to see a woman in a white dress standing in the window, looking down at him. The worker fled and refused to ever return.

You can watch our paranormal documentary “Mysteries of the Man House”, which is filled with stunning ghost evidence.

The museum is free and open to the public, Tuesday-Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. if you’d like to check out the stories yourself.

 farr best haunted

Mansfield’s most famous haunted spot, the Farr Best Theater opened in 1917 as the first theater in the tiny town. Lights turning on and off by themselves, objects tossed from the balcony, shadow figures on the stairs and disembodied voices aren’t just rare encounters, they are stories that almost every regular attendee and worker at the theater can tell.

A rogue’s gallery of ghosts haunt the theater: the Ghost of MacDougal, Mrs. Peck, a mysterious drummer, Milton Farr, and perhaps something darker that has sent chills down the spines of many a guest.

We have produced two different paranormal documentaries on the theater, “Ghosts of the Farr Best” and “Return to the Farr Best”, both featuring the most compelling evidence of the paranormal that we’ve ever captured.

The Farr Best Theater is still the home to live entertainment year round and you can go to for upcoming shows.

Honorable Mentions

 museum hauntedThe Mansfield Historical Museum is filled with historical artifacts and open to the public, Tuesday-Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The museum is also the spot where John Guess, a local lawyer, perished after he was gunned down by his own nephew.


cemetery hauntedThe historical cemetery featuring elaborate tombstones and the burial sites of some of Mansfield's most prominent residents including Ralph Man, Julian Feild and Constable Robert Morison who was murdered on Main Street by bootleggers.