Elmer W. Oliver Nature Park

Elmer W. Oliver Nature Park History

1650 Matlock Road, Mansfield, TX 76063

The acreage that comprises Oliver Nature Park not only offers ecological representation of the region but significant historical perspective. The 80 acre park is at the intersection of two large ecoregions, which contributes to the diverse plants and wildlife featured in the park.

The nature park was named for Elmer W. Oliver at the request of Kelly and Marianne Williams and their children, to honor the man known as “Pops” who first walked among the trees nestled by the creek bank and realized that this is where his “roamings end.”

Elmer W. Oliver Nature Park, Mansfield, TX

Park Attractions

Elmer W. Oliver Nature Park is an ideal location for adults, families, and students to connect with and learn about our environment, through exploration and hands-on activities. Visit the park website for more information.

  • The Treehouse at Oliver Nature Park will let you travel up into the canopy. You’ll get a unique perspective of Walnut Creek.
  • A great spot to examine erosional boulders, including the Eagle Ford Shale and Woodbine Sandstone, is at the Rocky Ford Overlook.
  • In the spring, you will see native wildflowers such as Indian blanket, lemon mint and coreopsis that cover the wildflower area.
  • To get access to ground water, we have used structures like the 1935 replica windmill to pump the water to the surface.
  • Walkers, runners and all levels of hiking enthusiasts can surround themselves in nature with over one mile of crushed granite trail.
  • The Prairie Boardwalk represents the floodplain levels of a 100 year flood. In a case like this, the water from Walnut Creek would submerge almost half of the park, up to the boardwalk.